Performance Mindset : When your mind AUTOMATICALLY produces thoughts and emotions that are POSITIVE, CREATIVE and  PRODUCTIVE.

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Look for Light

Look for Light is a PERFORMANCE MINDSET & MENTALL WELLNESS coaching practice. 

As your PERFORMANCE MINDSET COACH, I’ll guide you to create your desired future.
discover what past experiences are keeping you stuck and how it hinders your personal growth.

I am your BEST OF BOTH  Mindset & Mental Wellness ONE-STOP

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Break-Through Testimonials

Another Story… Finally Enough !

Read how Bettie overcame nail biting and overeating…

I attended theLIGHTwriter Women’s Retreat where at age 70, I was able to recognize and face certain patterns that kept on repeating itself throughout my life.
I scheduled an appointment with Marinda to break my habits of nail biting and overeating. We worked through stress and anxiety caused by the feeling of NEVER being ENOUGH. I discovered that at the root of this, was lack of attachment that I have experienced as early as four years of age.
The results are astounding! I am still amazed at the wonder of being able to feel the soft tips of my fingers and the changed and relaxed state of my mind and my body.
My nails are growing and I’m effortlessly in control of what I eat… I AM ENOUGH!
I would recommend any person, young and old, who are struggling to break self-destructive habits, to take the first step towards your own wellbeing. Schedule your first appointment and experience Marinda’s professional and soft approach in taking your hand in guidance to a better you.

Bettie Rossouw

Meet your Coach, Marinda


I am a MULTI LEVEL NEURO COACH with a post graduate diploma in Functional Therapy.
This makes me your BEST OF BOTH Mindset & Mental Wellness

Whether in counseling or coaching, my focus is always on behavioral change. I have a whole-person approach and I facilitate a process that will get you the results that we set out to achieve.   

Your BEST OF BOTH  Mindset & Mental wellness one-stop!

My dream is not satisfied clients … I dream TOTALLY TRANSFORMED!

The way to achieve your dreams… 

Walking in the LIGHT, towards the LIGHT