Performance Mindset : When your mind AUTOMATICALLY produces thoughts and emotions that are POSITIVE, CREATIVE and  PRODUCTIVE.

Evelyn’s testimony

I decided to book a series of sessions with Marinda in order to work through frustrations and anxieties that were overwhelming me in my daily life. I had trouble focusing at work and would get emotional meltdowns on a regular basis. My health was deteriorating due to the negative emotions and stress I was not able to process.

During my sessions with Marinda, I became aware of suppressed emotions and unresolved trauma that were causing my nervous system to overreact to my environment and Marinda taught me how to process these. I always felt comfortable going through the coaching sessions with her and she guided me toward some new perspectives and thinking patterns.

I find myself better capable of expressing myself, my thoughts are clearer and my emotional world is more stable. Situations that would cause severe anxiety in the past, are easier to deal with.

I would recommend this course to people who want to gain a clearer perspective on their life and their goals as well as those who have suppressed trauma and anxiety to process.

Ferdinand shares…

Are you looking for a coach that love and cares and honestly shares her own brokenness…
Are you looking for a coach with passion for life who can guide you to experience your own life with greater and deeper passion…
Are you looking for a coach who can assist you to practically implement behavior change…
Are you looking for a coach to travel with you on this road towards healing…
Are you looking for a coach who is whole heartedly committed to journey with you…
Are you looking for a coach who knows what it means to be ‘down and out’ and knows how to ‘get up and get dressed’ and be a happy person…

… then Marinda is the coach you’re looking for…


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