Performance Mindset : When your mind AUTOMATICALLY produces thoughts and emotions that are POSITIVE, CREATIVE and PRODUCTIVE.

theLIGHTwriter Women’s Retreat

A weekend breakaway for a lady to find herself again!

Only five ladies per weekend.
This Retreat Weekend is unique in every aspect :
– it’s 25% as if your working with your personal Neuro-Coach
– it’s 25% as if you’re part of a Bible Study group
– it’s 25% as if you’re engaged in a self-help course
– and 25% of it bears my authentic coaching approach…

Most ladies who did this program with me testify to having received
far beyond what they expected to gain from it.


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How it can benefit you…

Redefine your Past… LIGHTwrite your Future !

Do you need time with space and guidance to find yourself again; to dig out your dreams from underneath whatever life deposited onto it? Then this retreat is for you.

Join theLIGHTwriter … you’ll find your purpose written in your life’s story.

Escape overwhelm and day-to-day frustrations for one blissful farm-weekend.

During theLIGHTwriter weekend, we’ll work through your backstory – the story of how you got to where you are… and get CLEAR on where you’re heading.
Phase 1 : Discover your true identity in Christ
Phase 2 : Uncover your false identity (the lies you came to believe about yourself)
Phase 3 : Recover your identity and step into your Life’s Purpose.

Be the author of your story…
Be the composer of your song !


Included in theLIGHTwriter package :
– 2 nights Accommodation at ‘Die Gastehuis OP PLAASVLAK’
– 5 meals and all refreshments
– theLIGHTwriter Workbook
– 1 Ecometric Assessment
– Group sessions
– 1 x Individual coaching session during the weekend
– 1 x Individual coaching session (Zoom) after the weekend

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Tesimonial break-throughs

Read through some beautiful breakthrough stories of clients that pushed through

Redefine your PAST…

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the LIGHT writer Women’s Retreat