Performance Mindset : When your mind AUTOMATICALLY produces thoughts and emotions that are POSITIVE, CREATIVE and PRODUCTIVE.

theLIGHThearted –
Neuro Weight Management

We carry emotional weight inside us –
        It shows as body weight on the outside of us.

theLIGHThearted is a 12 week group coaching program (12 weekly Zoom meetings) – it does not focus on eating plans or exercise programs . In this program, we drop emotional weight to create change from the inside out.

Struggling with weight management is most often caused by an emotional default setting in the brain and autonomic nervous system – it can be compared to a virus running on your computer.
theLIGHThearted will help you discover the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of this default setting. I’ll assist you to ‘write your own emotional anti-virus program’ using methods and practices supported by research in Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity.

How it can benefit you…

theLIGHThearted is presented in 3 phases :
Phase 1 : WEIGH IN – the stabilization phase and setup
– discover what’s keeping you overweight and stuck
in the present
Phase 2 : WEIGH UP – this is the proactive phase
– discover what’s keeping your body anchored in the past
– what past experience maintains this overweight version
of yourself?
Phase 3 : WEIGH TO GO
– Changing your relationship with yourself
– Changing your relationship with food
– Addressing binging, cravings and self sabotage

At the end of this 12 week program, you’ll be…


Join me for a 12-week journey to meet a LIGHTer and healthier version of YOU!

theLIGHThearted includes :
* 12 weekly Zoom sessions (90 min), presented in groups of up to 15 people
* theLIGHThearted workbook
* 2 x Ecometric Assessments
* 2 x Individual Coaching sessions (yes, we can Zoom!)
* WhatsApp group support

Marinette dropped 3 Dress-sizes in 9 Months –

‘I did not join theLIGHThearted with weight loss as my primary aim – I did not even weigh myself. I embarked on this journey with emotional goals to achieve.
As I started to follow the program, weight loss was an added BONUS for me. As I worked through emotional issues, I felt like I was dropping emotional weight.
As I experienced this, I started to loose weight spontaneously.
By the end of our 12 week program, I had dropped one dress size.
After I’ve stopped the program, I realized that I was still loosing weight.
Nine months after I completed the program, I’ve dropped another two dress sizes.

This program focuses on creating change from the inside out.

Marinette Schoeman

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