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Neurogenic Tremor Exercise 

Neurogenic Tremor Exercise is a physiological approach to discharge the body’s frozen emotional energy.

is the imprint left by (a frightful) experience on the mind, brain and body.’
Bessel van der Kolk
The Body Keeps The Score

The FREEZE-response in our body’s autonomic nervous system is a natural reaction to overwhelmingly painful or horrific experiences.
When the Fight-or-Flight-response can’t provide a way out of danger, the human body enters a state of FREEZE or FROZEN to preserve the system.

Neurogenic Tremors are the body’s way of discharging FROZEN emotional energy.
I prefer to use this technique in combination with a Mental Wellness Coaching program.

How it can benefit you…

While dealing with bottled up emotional memory in a Mental Wellness Coaching session,
NTE helps to discharge body memory of traumatic experiences.

Signs that you’re functioning in ‘SHUT DOWN’ or ‘FREEZE’ mode are similar to symptoms of anxious or depressive mood states.
* Feeling disconnected from people and the world around you.
* Struggling to stay in close relationships.
* Experiencing changes in sleeping patterns.
(You either don’t sleep , or you want to sleep all the time.)
* Low energy levels and emotional numbness.

Used in combination with a Mental Wellness Coaching program, NTE speeds up the recovery process.
NTE helps my clients to feel alive and connected to themselves again – the first step towards optimal functioning and healthy relationships


Neurogenic Tremor Exercise are combined with Mental Wellness Coaching programs.

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