Performance Mindset : When your mind AUTOMATICALLY produces thoughts and emotions that are POSITIVE, CREATIVE and PRODUCTIVE.

Addictions Recovery

Addiction… most often a very lonely and misunderstood road to travel.
It is a road filled with disappointment – disappointment in people close to you… and disappointing people close to you.
It is a story of disappointment in yourself… and a story of keeping on disappointing yourself…

As your Addiction Recovery Coach:
· I will lead you to find the solutions from within
· I will help you to clearly define your own recovery journey
· We will focus on positive behavioural changes
· We will discover your strengths and use it as resources to overcome challenges

(I only take in one Recovery Client per year – we’ll work together for 18 to 24 months.)

How it can benefit you…

‘The attempt to escape from pain, is what creates more pain.’ Gabor Mate

Do you feel lost and disconnected and alone in your fight against addiction?
Do you know a version of yourself that acts as a ‘Hungry Ghost’ …eating away your life… Day 1 … after Day 1 … after Day 1 … not being able to control the compulsive cutting or shopping, the porn, the eating or drinking or using?  

Do not despair, as I am here to walk this recovery-journey with you as your Recovery Coach.


(I only take in one Recovery Client per year – we’ll work together for 18 to 24 months.)
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Break-throughs testimonials

Read through some beautiful breakthrough stories of clients that pushed through

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